Upcoming Events

2019 - 2020

Audiovisual Conference

Interactive Shadows Lecture Panel

This event, held in first semester, invites our Shadows Program physicians straight to McConnell Hall so that they can partake in a Distiguished Lecture Panel. The event is aimed towards providing TAMSters with an opportunity to anonymously ask questions—aimed to any of the invited medical professionals—so that they can gain knowledge on the possible pathways of a medical student, the experiences of a medic, the depth & variety of healthcare specialties, and more!

Dinner Table

Career Day & Dinner

The idea of this event is to invite our distinguished Shadows Program physicians to present their current occupations/research in front of curious and passionate TAMS students who are interested in taking a glimpse into various medical environments. This event will consist of a Lecture Panel, Interacvtive Q&A Session, & Dinner. An event such as this would allow students to have spontaneous conversations with medical professionals over a meal, thus creating a more fluid environment for conversation. This would allow our aspiring medics to ask questions, gain insight or knowledge on various professions, and hear about a unique variety of medical experiences.

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